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The Woven Mazes share a common style of over and under labyrinthine pathways, but each has a slightly different layout and set of rules. All contain special rooms which regulate your journey through the maze, either by transporting you to different sections of the maze, or by governing the direction of the path you choose.


In this woven maze, entering one of the two rectangular rooms will transport you to the other room.

Woven Maze Example

In the solution, you can see how a path connects the start to the room on the right, and the room on the left is connected to the finish.

Woven Maze Example Solution

solving tips

The woven nature of these mazes makes them different from normal mazes in more than just appearance. By allowing pathways to go over and under one another, proximity to the exit is no longer such a helpful indicator. Dead ends or loops could run right by the finish, but then head away into uselessness. This disorientation helps to make the mazes more difficult to navigate.