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flight plans

Five people are separately touring five cities. Each person visits every city, although they each visit them in a different order. No two people are in the same city at the same time (their arrivals all roughly coincide each time they switch cities). The flights available from Confondre Airlines are shown on the diagram (note: flights are one-way only) along with their mileage.

Flight Diagram

Given the following clues, can you determine the order each person visited all five cities?

  1. Everyone flew east on their first flight.
  2. Vanessa’s second flight had to be shorter than her first flight. Richard’s second flight could have been shorter than his first flight, but he picked the flight longer than his first flight.
  3. Scott’s third flight was shorter than everyone else’s third flight.
  4. Raigan’s fourth flight was shorter than Tiffany’s fourth flight.