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writers' group

For a feature in this Sunday's "Arts & Entertainment" section, you decided to interview six local authors. They invited you to their weekly meeting, where they critique each other's ongoing writing projects (one of which is a self-help book) around a big circular table at a downtown cafe.

Seating diagram

Unfortunately, one of your other deadlines got pushed up, and you barely got to speak with any of them before you had to leave. Here's what they said:

Horatio: "I really haven't been able to offer any advice to the poet on my right, so instead I've been suggesting some visual imagery for the graphic novelist across from me."

Sarah: "The screenplay writer sitting across from me is working on a project that sounds fascinating. I can't wait for it to be finished."

Janet: "The poet on my left writes such lyrical phrases, it is sometimes difficult to give him any advice. However, I have been taking home a few of the recipes from the cookbook author, seated across from me. My husband is a chef, so we're helping test them out."

Pete: "I'm trying to help the screenplay writer on my left think more about imagery to compliment her fantastic dialogue. But I've been hard-pressed to offer any constructive suggestions for the biographer on my right."

Audrey and Victor were running late, so you'll have to speak with them at another time. From the clues above, can you determine where each person normally sits in relation to the others and what each person is writing?