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Welcome to Knossos Games.

I'm Tim Boester, an educational psychologist who has been writing the puzzle column for Imagine magazine for over twenty years.

This website is the repository for all those puzzles in the column. Get started by clicking on the links at left for mazes, hybrids, or puzzles. I've also kept the old pages of puzzles grouped by category or in order of their publication as I continue to update the site.

The most recent puzzles to be updated are the space pod puzzles, with the latest having been published in Imagine in the September/October 2014 issue.

But the biggest news is the new Knossos Games blog. There are posts about the recent space pod puzzle update, the latest web site revision details, and what it means for me to be a puzzlemaker.

Stay tuned for more blog posts and updates. Thanks for visiting!

– Tim