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detailed solution

This puzzle consists of several different regions, all accessible from the central cell where the black ball starts the puzzle. The puzzle has a top region, a left region, a central region, and a right corridor that directs you up to the top region.

Cell Wall Tansport System 2 TL Diagram Cell Wall Tansport System 2 CR Diagram

By directly accessing the top region, we can put two blue balls into receptors.

We can also directly access the left region from the start (as shown), or enter the left region after completing the preceding steps in the top region, to place two more blue balls into receptors.

But from here we have a problem. There is no way to continue moving through the central region and access the right corridor in order to place the remaining blue balls into receptors. Neither antiport currently has a blue ball in its adjoining cell. What we really need is a ball in the cell to the right of our current position, indicated as a golden ball in the second step diagram. A ball in that location would allow us to continue to the right corridor.

If we instead start the puzzle by going through the central region to the right corridor, we get stuck in the top region and cannot move ball 2 to a receptor. This implies that we should finish the puzzle by moving through the right corridor, placing ball 6 into the receptor as a final move. But this brings us back to the previous issue: how do we get a blue ball in the location of the golden ball in the prior diagram?

Notice that when starting the puzzle by moving to the right through the antiport, ball 5 is moved to the starting cell. Instead of going to the right corridor, we can instead circle back around the central region, moving through two antiports. This leaves ball 5 where ball 4 used to be, and ball 4 in the needed golden ball location.

From here, we can complete the top region, continue to the left region, and then move through the central region since ball 4 is in the golden ball location. We finish by moving up the right corridor.

Like many cell wall transport puzzles, initial moves through the physical space of the puzzle do not make a lot of sense initially, but they set up balls to be in needed locations for future moves.

(Note: The cell wall transport system detailed solutions do not explore all possible moves within each puzzle. Instead, they attempt show the most relevant moves to explore how each puzzle is constructed.)