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On each piece of land for a planned wind farm, you need to determine how to place wind turbines in order to achieve the best energy output.

Wind Farm Land

Each wind turbine will face into the prevailing winds. Each turbine needs space to the left, right, and behind, forming a T-shaped footprint, to operate. The footprint for each wind turbine must fit completely onto the piece of land.

Wind Turbine T-shaped Footprint T-shaped Footprint Examples

According to the specific topology of the land, some places (designated in blue) have more consistent winds than the surrounding area. Wind turbines placed on these squares will produce 1.5 energy units, compared to the typical 1 energy unit by those placed on other squares. Note that only the wind turbine needs to be placed on a blue square, not the entire T-shaped operating footprint.


Wind Farm Example

Instead of simply placing the maximum number of wind turbines on a piece of land, strategically placing fewer turbines in windier places may result in more electricity being generated. If two layouts produce the same amount of electricity, the better solution uses fewer wind turbines.

In the above example, the maximum number of turbines that can be placed is six, which provide a total of 7 units of energy.

Wind Farm Solution A

Note, however, that only two of those six turbines are in windier (blue) areas. By removing one turbine, we can move the remaining three to windier areas, thus increasing the total energy produced to 7.5 units.

Wind Farm Solution B

solving tips

You may want to start by trying to pack in as many T-shaped footprints as you can, and then start removing them to startegically place turbines on the windier blue squares. Or, you may want to start by placing turbines on the windier blue squares, then see how many many more T-shaped footprints you can squeeze onto the piece of land.

get involved

In the United States, to buy electricity generated from renewable resources, like wind power, contact your local power company or search for a power company in your area that offers renewable energy. If your power company only offers energy generated by fossil fuels: 1) encourage them to offer more choices; 2) contact your national, state, and local representatives about legislation incentivizing renewable energy and ending subsidies to fossil fuels; and 3) buy renewable energy credits.

To find out how you can help solve the global climate crisis, go to The Climate Reality Project.