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In this style of maze, jump between adjacent hexagons of the same color (those on the same level), or jump between levels by using the black connectors. Because of the three-dimensional nature of the puzzles, many of the connectors are partially hidden, but some portion of every connector can be seen. There are no connectors between the top (green) level and bottom (red) level. The 3-D Hexagonal Tile Mazes may be a bit disorienting, so remember that you are simply following colored paths on different levels.


3-D Hexagonal Tile Maze Example

The solution is shown with all but the correct path grayed out.

3-D Hexagonal Tile Maze Example Solution

solving tips

Remember to look carefully for the paths and connectors between levels, as they can be partially obscured. Like all mazes, the solution path may meander a bit before heading toward the finish.