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battle bots

Upon arriving at your first robot battle tournament, your pride in your little robot, Bill, has turned to fear that it is about to be destroyed by the competition. The armada of heavily fortified and weapons-laden battle bots you are about to face is extreme. However, even though your robot is vastly outmatched by most of the robots in the competition, it is the lightest (since it has few offensive weapons or defensive capabilities). This is important, since if you can simply outrun the other robot for the duration of each match, the attribute that breaks the draw is weight.

Three of the other robots are definitely slower than yours (Fireball, Necromancer, and Thunder), and you should be able to stay ahead of them. But all of the others are quick and maneuverable, and you’ll almost certainly be crushed if paired with one of them. Given the expected outcomes of matchups based on the robots’ various capabilities, is there any way in which the tournament can be seeded for your underdog robot to win?

Puzzle 18 robot rules Puzzle 18 empty bracket