Starting from the “s” and ending on the “e”, you are to jump from hexagon to hexagon, being sure to land on every yellow hexagon with the “@” symbol. You may not land on any hexagons twice.

You must also build a wall going around the hexagons, connecting the two black dots and connecting together any wall segments already drawn on the grey triangles. The wall must be one continuous wall from one black dot to the other: there cannot be any gaps, loops, or branches.

Finally, while jumping from hexagon to hexagon, you must alternate between jumping over the wall and not jumping over the wall. Your first jump may be either over the wall or not, but from there you must alternate your jumps until you land on the exit.

Here is an example:



In the example puzzle, there are two ways to connect up the black dots and given wall segments. In the first way, it is impossible to alternate jumps while also landing on the yellow “@” hexagon. By rearranging the wall, the second way allows the jumps to alternate while landing on the yellow “@” hexagon.




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